Data & Video links for UAVs, Aircrafts and Helicopters

HYPTRA has developped a full range of ground stations and airborne antennas for data and video links between aircraft and ground 


HYPTRA has designed and manufactured numerous control stations for heavyweight UAVs with long range surveillance and for  lightweight UAVs (infantry, short range use).

Thus, HYPTRA is able to provide high reliable turnkey system AND low cost antenna systems following Customers needs.



From MHz to Ku Band, portable, transportable or mobile, HYPTRA offers cost effective and customized solutions for your operational needs.


Application Note

Thanks to HYPTRA antenna sub-systems, AA SYSTEL company as AA Group subsidiary, offers secured digital wireless transmission/reception systems with ranges up to 400 Km in harsh environment.

Two simultaneous video channels + one telemetry channel (Monitoring) are transmitted in down link from air to land and one data channel (Control) is transmitted from Ground Control station to aircraft.



Telemetry for civil aircrafts, fighter aicrafts, trainer aircrafts, missiles, helicopters, tanks and launchers


Thanks to its experience, HYPTRA designs and manufactures, for French and foreign Customers, full Telemetry Ground Stations used in flight test centers and in launcher control centers.

Transportables, fixed or mobile, these stations combine modularity, flexibility, reliability and performances.


Application Note


As well established , AA SYSTEL company provides turnkey telemetry systems including :


The “Airborne” sub-system with:

  • Data acquisition of all types of signals such as: analogue video (PAL/NTSC), HDTV, SXGA, STANAG 3350 A, 1553 B bus, ARINC 429 bus, Analogue inputs, Digital inputs, GPS, etc..

  • Digitalization and multiplex of all the acquired signals

  • IRIG 106 PCM encoding

  • Recording of all or part of the PCM stream, using solid state plug-in memory support (up to 128 GB)

  • Transmitting to the GCS through antennas and transmitters.


> Block Diagram <



The "Ground"  sub-system with :

  • Auto/GPS tracking antenna

  • Telemetry receiver

  • Bit synchronizer and decommutator

  • Real time and post processing analysis


> Block Diagram <




Communications with Low Earth Orbit Phase satellites


HYPTRA offers well adapted solutions for your communications with LEOP satellites in TT&C and Remote Sensing use.


HYPTRA also provides adapted solutions in image reception field in L, S, X bands for satellites such as:


Landsat, SPOT, ERS, RADARSAT, NOAA, etc…





Radio Frequency Spectrum Surveillance (COMINT)

In mobile of fixed version, these systems cover wide bands from 0.5 GHz up to 18 GHz.

Others bands upon request.