Ground Tracking Systems:

HYPTRA through its expert technical service delivers upon Customer's request, full-integrated ground stations including its own sub-systems (all-in-house design) such as:


> EL/AZ or X/Y, two or one axis pedestals

> Antenna dishes: prime focus, offset or COSC2

> Feeds

> Servo loops

> Antenna Control Units with User's friendly Man Machine Interface and Monitoring & Control Capabilities 


Discover our full range of "ARèS" ground tracking stations for telemetry, telecontrol, LEOP & COMMINT:


>  Portable ARès

> 1,5 m TM/TC ARèS

> 1,8 m ARèS 

> 2,4 m ARèS 

> 3,1m (SATCOM) ARèS

> Arès COMMINT  






HYPTRA designs and manufactures El/Az or X/Y, 1 or 2 axis pedestals for its own antenna systems or for external customers.

These pedestals are designed for commercial or military use in harsh environment.







Dedicated to its own antenna systems and to existing ground stations, HYPTRA provides overall control of tracking antenna motion, including tracking receiver, servo power amplifiers and Antenna Control Unit..

Operating modes available: 

> Manual Position

> Rate Memory

> Slew (joystick or mouse)

> GPS Tracking

> Auto-tracking (monopulse or step track)

> Ephemeris program track

> Auto Acquire

> Preset/Back up Programmable


The Antenna Control Unit software runs under Windows environment and can be installed in different types of PC, such as labtops, workstations, 19'' rack mounted rugged PC with 15''  touch screen display.

Security Option: we are able to provide security system allowing the antenna to switch automatically, when the signal decreases, from the automatic mode to the GPS mode.  

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HYPTRA designs and manufactures antennas for aircrafts, helicopters, missiles, ships, and more generally for all types of vehicles. 

from 100 MHz to 40 GHz

Dishes - Array - Printed - Horn

Backfires - Trihedron - Helix

Some examples


> Blade Antennas

> Directional Antennas

> Omni Antennas



Those examples are only a short sample of HYPTRA capabilities. Don't hesitate to contact us for other requests.





Because some ground stations need to be specifically protected from wind and bad weather, HYPTRA designs radomes up to 5 m of diameter, built with plastic such as epoxy, teflon, polyester.


These radomes allow to ensure a greater durability of the stations, especially those which are located in harsh environment.

Furthermore, radomes allows to have easier maintenance operations. 


Thanks to its know-how and fully in-house development experience, even when the weight is a problem, HYPTRA can provide ground stations under radome by designing and manufacturing fully appropriate sub-systems whom weight will be reduced.

It allows you to have a durable global solution without creating problems with the structure.








Microwave Modules


HYPTRA designs and manufactures microwave modules which are included in its ground stations from sub-systems to components.

Thanks to its know-how, HYPTRA is able to provide active/passive modules based on customer's specification.

Amplifiers - switching modules - transpositions - frequency discriminators

19'' rackmounted - Rack - Aluminium Boxes






Factory/On site Acceptance test, Training on customer's/Hyptra site , and detailed operating manual are part of HYPTRA services which are linked to our products 

Portable Arès



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